Rugged Grace Photography: Blog en-us (C) Rugged Grace Photography (Rugged Grace Photography) Wed, 21 Apr 2021 15:56:00 GMT Wed, 21 Apr 2021 15:56:00 GMT Rugged Grace Photography: Blog 113 120 Rugged Grace Photography Weddings Hi brides, grooms, and their families! Welcome to the Rugged Grace Photography corner of weddings! 

Our trio has been at this for several years and after spending a great deal of time at weddings, we've decided we can bring some experiences with us to lighten your load!

A bit about us:
Naomi and Kelly have been photographing as a team at weddings since 2012, and about three years ago, they added a wedding coordinator, Marka, to the team!

We've found that not only are we really well at keeping your day on time and stress-free, we all really enjoy being part of your moments. One of the major benefits we've seen to bringing this stuff with us, is you don't have to clean it up or take it home with you!

We're excited to offer the following additions to our traditional wedding packages:

Toasts : $60.00
Recommended time of day for best photo opportunities and privacy: Getting ready
For the bride, groom, and/or a private moment with you and your family or friends to celebrate the lives that have helped us get here, but couldn't be part of it. It includes the cost of your choice of champagne or whiskey (specific alcohol requests can be made for a potential up-charge). 
Cigars: $40 - includes cigars, cutter & case that you get to keep

Yard games : $60.00
Recommended time of day: Any -- Getting Ready through reception
We'll bring Corn Hole, giant Jenga, etc., and while we won't monitor it, they're yours to use for the entire time we're there.

Kids area: $60.00
Recommended time of day: Any/all -- Getting ready, ceremony, reception
We'll supply coloring books, board games, all of which can be "checked out" to take to individual tables, a back table, a private room, etc. The tables/games will not be supervised. Includes enough supplies for 10 kids with option of adding more.

Thank-you sign for thank-you cards: $20.00
We bring the sign and set up the quick photos at the most ideal lighting, you get the photos within 3 days of your wedding for thank-you cards!

Color smoke bombs during group photos/send off, etc. : $35.00
Colors available : Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Orange, Black, Green, Teal 
***Limited to venue restrictions and weather

Bubbles for a send off/ down the isle: $20.00 per 25 guests 
Includes a sign that goes with them instructing guests on when to use them.  

Last but definitely not least, we'd love to feature some of our favorite vendors:

We have TWO ordained ministers in the Rugged Grace family, both Kelly's husband (Keith) and Marka's husband (Brandon) have years of experience in weddings. Cost depends on distance needed to travel, but please reach out if you'd like more information. 

In addition to being ordained, Brandon Garcia owns a gym in Colorado with Marka. They're offering virtual personal training sessions to get in great wedding day form physically and mentally. They include programming that can be done at home or in any gym, no matter your limitations. The cost is $65 per month and they see the most success if done for at least 3 months. Virtual meetings once a week to talk about how workouts are going with nutritional guidance. Contact Brandon at CrossFit ELM 303-920-2062 

Cupcakes with Lisa Horst : $.50-$.75 each depending on flavor & decor
Email: [email protected]
Her favorites to offer are Lemon Raspberry, Chocolate with a mini Reeses in it, and snickerdoodle but she takes requests!

Entertainment: Cost varies

Daniel Jaspersen Magician | Mentalist

Daniel Jaspersen has been performing at weddings and other classy events for nearly 20 years. 
A magician at a wedding? 
Normally, Daniel will mingle through your reception performing close-up magic for small groups of your guests. Imagine people awkwardly standing around because they don't know anyone else. With deft efficiency, Dan can integrate into groups of strangers, wow your guests, and leave them as friends. 

Learn more about adding magic to your wedding or another event at They're happy to work closely on events to ensure the perfect fit for your plans.  
Dan will blow your guest's mind with table-side entertainment during happy hour while you're with us! We cannot recommend him enough!

How about DJ - Rock on Wheels - George

We've witnessed how he takes good care of his bride and groom, and goes above and beyond to make everything extra special. At the last wedding, he had spent time with the bride, groom, and both sets of parents to record their voices/words of love during their dances together. Not a dry eye in the place!


That was a lot of information, we know! Please shoot us a message if questions or customizations come up, and of course, no pressure at all. We just love being invited! 

Naomi, Kelly & Marka 


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Roots & Wings  

Generally, when I'm going through pictures after a session, I turn on some music and settle into my favorite cushion on the couch. I get so encompassed in what was captured in those few hours of a session that I don't hear the rest of the world's noise anymore. But in this case, a certain song came on my iTunes that felt so right, that I sang it over and over and over through this editing process. It's called "Roots and Wings" by Miranda Lambert. And I think it hit home because this family, by definition, seemed to be just that. Look at these lyrics!

I thank the Lord above
On my Sunday drive
For Daddy’s hands
And Mama's dreams
He gave me roots
She gave me wings

He said run on love
And run on life
And plant some seeds
Until you're tired
Don't take anything at all for granted

You see, I spent an entire afternoon photographing four generations of a ranching, farming, rural family that gave me memories I'll never forget. I heard all about this little girl's puppy, kitty, and mini-hereford named "Slobber Bucket", and I watched as this family not only came together for pictures, but came together over and over again through their stories of trial and triumph.


It was such a pleasure, you guys. Thank you for choosing me to capture such a gorgeous day! <3, Naomi

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